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About us

who are we :

Our company was founded in the paradise of the world and the destination of the world “Trabzon city” by the hands of experts in Turkish and international tourism, which is interested in providing the finest tourism services.

The company is located on the ground and has long sales with tourists, especially Arabs and the whole world. The site was inaugurated to expand our services to our valued customers based on their confidence and belief in our long experience in the field of tourism and our knowledge of all the requirements of the tourist as an individual or group.

The company has strong relations and partnerships with hotels and resorts, which distinguish us with quality and offer competitive prices with special offer of other services free of charge.


Our Goals:

Providing all the tourist services for you in all areas of our work and organizing trips and honeymoon trips, to choose what suits you, the fastest and easiest steps .. Our goal to be with you always anywhere.


Our vision:

Facilitate your travel with the best options at the best prices with the possibility of booking online, and provide great options for hotels, apartments, cars and various tourist places in different places, and help you choose the best place to spend your vacation as you wish.